How to Become a Supplier

We are in the constant hunt for new winners. If you think you have a product that we could sell worldwide or locally, please send to us as much information as possible. The e-mail should go to

Please keep in mind the following questions and answer as many as you can to facilitate the process:

  • Do you currently manufacture the product or what stage is it in?
  • Where is it manufactured (country) ?
  • Can you send us a sample?
  • What is the manufacturing lead-time?
  • Do you currently market the product for consumers somewhere? If yes, where and how?
  • Does it have a website?
  • Does it have a patent?
  • Does it have a trademark?
  • Costs of Goods?
  • Do you have a wholesale price (selling price to TGDRG) in US dollars?
  • Do you have a M.S.R.P. ?
  • What does your product claim?
  • What substantiation for claims does it have?
  • Do they have existing show?:
  • Partnership or supplier deal:

If you can also provide us with a sample, please do so by sending it to the following address:

We hope we can start a new relationship with you.


Or are You a Distributor?